Timbered house neighborhood

Chlum Trebon is also known as a recreational center of all tourists who love camping. Center Chlumu forms a pond Governor, baroque mansion on the dam, the Church of the Virgin Mary and a small square with a fountain. Chlumecká The whole area is located in the countryside ponds, 12 km south of Trebon, Trebon in the PLA.

Pond Hejtman 

  • is coveted by families with children to swim with the possibility of renting boats and pedal boats, and fun on the water slides
  • is located almost in the center of town, yet offers a comfortable place to lie down under the trees
  • There you will find a refreshment kiosks
  • annually hosts fishing competitions and contests

South Bohemia is known for a number of lakes and picturesque villages. The region’s 623 municipalities, 53 towns. Among the most famous historical cities is undoubtedly Trebon, Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Budejovice Czech Krumlov. Villages are characterized by their South Bohemian architecture in the style of “folk baroque” – beautifully decorated shields farmhouses can be found in almost every village. Among one of the most beautiful Holašovice that are on the list of UNESCO.

There are also many castles that are worth a visit - Hluboká nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov, Červená Lhota, castle Třeboň.




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